1 Year Anniversary: Laura Buehler

Today marks Laura’s 1 year anniversary with Referral Staffing Solutions! In honor of her anniversary, we decided we should help you all get to know her better! Here goes:

Q: If you could shrink down any animal and carry it around in your pocket,
which one would you choose?
A: A doggy, duh! ??

Q: If you could take out a bad day on a household item, what would you choose?
A: My vacuum – it really sucks ??

Q: If you were a ghost, where would you haunt? Why?
A: A lakeside mansion in the woods – so I can haunt in luxury, and enjoy the view! ??

Q: What job would you be terrible at?
A: Waitress – I drop things ????

Q: What are you absolutely determined to do?
A: Own a small hobby farm, specifically to care for animals with special needs ???????

Q: What skill would you like to master?
A: Playing the piano ?

Help us congratulate Laura!