Reasons to Use Staffing – RSS is now Accepting New Clients!

Never used a staffing company before? The American Staffing Association sites companies using staffing for the following reasons:

  • 47% use staffing for the opportunity to gauge the fit before hiring

  • 41% use staffing for access to more candidates

  • 38% use staffing for the ability to fill positions quickly

  • 32% use staffing for the flexibility to easily change the size of workforce based on project load

  • 26% use staffing for access to talent with specialized skills

Referral Staffing Solutions is now accepting new clients. The standard positions we work with include Light Industrial, Administrative, Sales, and Call Center. If you, or someone you know, is struggling to find talent to fill job openings, call RSS today!

RSS can fill your talent pipeline with more candidates. Use our services to fill jobs quicker. Let us do the leg work. We cover recruiting costs, take the time to vet candidates so you only see the best available talent, and we cover advertising costs to bring in new talent.

What are you waiting for? Call us for a no-obligation quote!