DEBUNKED: Top Four Myth’s about Staffing Agencies

“I don’t want to use a staffing agency because…..” I am here to tell you guys the TRUTH about Referral Staffing Solutions and debunk the myths about staffing agencies.

Myth: “It costs money to work with Referral Staffing Solutions”

Fact: Referral Staffing Solutions will not charge individuals for placement. The fact is, our clients compensate us for the help in finding them talented qualified candidates, like you. The hiring process can be long and requires time and resources, our clients pay us so they can focus their time and energy on growing their company.

Myth: “Referral Staffing Solutions only hires for temporary positions”

Fact: Referral Staffing Solutions hires for all kinds of positions! Yes, we offer temporary assignments, but we also offer temp-to-hire and direct hire opportunities as well. Unfamiliar? Let me fill you in; temp-to-hire positions are available so you and our clients know that you are the right fit for the position they are offering. We are here to make sure you are placed somewhere that sparks your interest, and to make sure you have the skills and experience that will benefit our clients. After all, our mission is to match talented job seekers with great companies! Direct hire positions are when we recruit for a client and once an offer of employment is made, you go directly on their payroll.

Myth: “Recruiters don’t care about job satisfaction”

Fact: This couldn’t be further from the truth! Our recruiters Shobi, Karie, Julie, and Laura take pride in maintaining positive relationships with our candidates and our clients. Let’s be honest, dissatisfied workers don’t stay at job for long. One of our values at Referral Staffing Solutions is to hold ourselves accountable, accountable to fulfill and further the goals of Referral Staffing Solutions by doing the right thing for both our clients and our employees. We respect the dignity and worth of every individual and act accordingly.

Myth: “Job seekers earn less money when working with a staffing agency”

Fact: Referral Staffing Solutions can provide job seekers with additional negotiating power on direct hire positions. We are professionals and understand the job market and have the industry knowledge to make better deals. If you are still uncertain about us and what we do, give us a call 608-487-9470, we are here to answer any questions.