Electro Mechanical Repair Technician

Referral Staffing Solutions is searching for a 2nd shift Electromechanical Repair Technician for our client in Westby, WI. The Electromechanical Repair Technician will fix electronic manufacturing systems. This means they begin a repair job by scanning the machine looking for obvious problems, such as frayed wires or broken parts. If a part is found to have been broken, the electromechanical repair technicians may solder or weld the part back so that the machine is functional. If the part is determined to not be repairable, technicians may fabricate a replacement until the appropriate part has been sourced. The electromechanical repair technician will also be responsible for maintaining machines. This includes calibrating assemblies to meet specifications and using test instruments, like electronic voltmeters, to gauge performance. Once routine maintenance is complete, technicians will complete a written report assessing the machine’s performance and whether further service or inspection may be required.

Education High School diploma required Certificate or associate’s degree in related field preferred

Skills and Abilities: Blueprint Reading •Working with Electrical circuits and machinery Advanced training in automation and industrial motor repair. Soldering, welding and fabricating Ability to handle of heavy objects/materials, typically up to 75lbs Ability to work in environment with frequent exposure to unpleasant elements such as extreme temperatures, loud noises, dirt, dust, gases, fumes, chemicals, smoke, etc. Certification Electromechanical repair technicians seeking to increase job opportunities may consider voluntary certifications, such as those offered by the Electronics Technicians Association International. Additionally, technicians may seek certifications within specialized industries, like those offered by the California Water Environment Association in plant maintenance technology. Some certifications require education and work experience requirements, such as attaining an associate degree in an engineering field coupled with several years of practice, while others only mandate the completion of a qualifying examination.

Hours – Rotating 12 hour shifts – 6:00pm-6:00am Referral Staffing Solutions is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Reliable transportation and good attendance is required.