Referral Staffing Solutions Staff attends workforce development breakfast.

September is Workforce Development Month. Julie, Karie, and Laura attended Workforce Connections 4th Annual Breakfast Forum this morning where Scott Zimmer spoke on when generations connect.

A proud Xer, Scott is one of BridgeWorks’ speakers and generational experts. He crafts presentations to clearly illustrate the stress points between generations, and he seeks to provide straightforward solutions to help relieve tension and encourage better understanding and collaboration across generational divides.  A child of the 80s and 90s, Scott has insider knowledge into what makes his generation tick. Along with the other Xers at BridgeWorks, Scott’s love of nostalgia, including Atari and He-Man, knows no bounds. He’s put his knowledge of pop culture and expertise on generational theory to good use by developing BridgeWorks’ generational trivia show. When he’s not on the road, Scott is the office jokester who brings contagious optimism and hilarious childhood stories to BW HQ. Scott grew up on a dairy farm in central Minnesota where he mastered the art of milking cows. He graduated from St. John’s University in 2000 with a BA in communications. When he’s not researching or presenting, he enjoys his other role as a self-proclaimed movie-buff and always knows the latest happenings in the Twin Cities.

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