Shobi & Karie with Referral Staffing Solutions discuss what recruiters look for in a resume.

First, let’s look at what Recruiters do. Recruiters are your career matchmaker—but, they’re also analysts of behavior, researchers, and sales and marketing professionals.

1. Always include your contact information – This seems like a no-brainer, but just make sure you’re proofreading to ensure that you’re including at least a phone number and your email information.

2. Proper formatting – Make sure your formatting is consistent throughout your resume, and that the document looks like an organized, finished product. A nice flow of space and information is key. Put your latest experience first, then list in order from there.

3. Include information about why you’re seeking a new job- Great examples are: “looking for a growth opportunity” Or “looking for new opportunities”

4. Include context about your current employer- What the company is, what it does, how it is sized, etc. Including content about your responsibilities within your role is very helpful in helping us visualize your capabilities and experience.

5. Explain gaps in employment – Example: I was out of the workforce for a temporary personal matter, but I am excited about bringing my expertise to this new role. Be honest—the recruiter can help you smooth gaps, but he or she can’t do anything if you offer no context. 6. Include Relevant skills – Recruiters want to know the skills you have that make you the most qualified candidate to fill the position. Be sure to list all measurable accomplishments.