Stay Moving at Home Challenge!

Working from home has got us all a bit restless. Today we decided to start a fitness challenge. At 10 mins to the hour, every hour, we have a fitness activity to do! We are doing this because a body in motion stays in motion! We can come out of this stronger than we started!

The challenge includes:
08:50 20 squats
09:50 20 lunges (10 per leg)
10:50 20 chair dips (arms)
11:50 40 arm circles
12:50 20 seated bicycle crunches
01:50 20 lower ab leg raises
02:50 25 neck rolls
03:50 24 side to side and 24 front to back stretches
04:50 25 arm pulses

How do we do this? We jump on quick video chat to tackle the challenge as a team!

What are you doing today that your future self will thank you for?