Step into a job seekers shoes….

Looking for a job

Step into a job seekers shoes….



Recently Shobi Nunemacher conducted poll with recent job seekers and asked about their experiences in their search. Here’s what we found out:

Thorough Job Descriptions – Job Seekers want to be able to look at a job posting and gather enough information to determine if they should or should not apply for an opening. They want to be challenged in their new role and they want to feel like they are making a difference.

•Wages - Many job seekers mentioned being frustrated after applying, interviewing (sometimes multiple times) and being offered a position only to learn that it paid much less than anticipated. All of the work put in by the job seeker and the employer just to have the offer turned down is not beneficial for either party involved.

•Benefits – You don’t need to provide a full listing of your benefits on each job posting but a brief overview could get you more applicants. Job seekers want to know if benefits are offered and if so, what they are.

•Work hours/Shift – Including information regarding the hours required for the job can also help eliminate applications from job seekers that are unable to work those hours.

•Education/Experience Requirements – The poll conducted showed that 50% of job seekers had interest in an opportunity but didn’t feel they were qualified so they didn’t apply. If your company has opportunities that allow a combination of experience/education or is willing to train someone with the right attitude, be sure to outline that in the job description so you don’t lose out on these job seekers. If your company can train the hard-skills, bring in talent with the right soft-skills such as attitude and work ethic!

Easy Online Application – Job seekers want an easy online application. 90% of the people interviewed said they search on the web first. Craigslist was one of the top search sites along with the Wisconsin job Center and going directly to the companies webpage to search for opportunities. Other sites job seekers frequented included Facebook, LinkedIn, Indeed, and Monster. Job seekers also stated that applications that were too long or cumbersome made them either avoid applying or stop applying mid-way through the application. RSS offers an easy online application and will also allow resume submittals so candidates can chose the option that works best for them. 60% of the job seekers polled had quit in the middle of an application because it was too long or difficult to navigate through.

Concise Interview Process – Over half of the job seekers surveyed stated the application process is too long. One said they interviewed with a company where the interview process took 12 weeks! Yes, this is an extreme case (for most business) but consider the money being spent to cover the time spent in their process. Creating a lean process that results in making an offer to the right person is essential to your bottom-line.

Communication: Job seekers want to know about your process and your timeline so they know what to expect from you. In today’s job market, more companies are hiring and making offers so keeping your candidates in the loop and moving quickly is key to hiring the best talent available. A long, tedious interview process could result in good candidates accepting other offers before you get to make an offer resulting in you loosing prime talent. Candidates also like to know when they have not been selected so they can continue their search. They also like to know why they were not selected so they can make improvements to be more prepared for their next opportunity.

The people interviewed for this poll also told us why they left their other jobs or started searching for new opportunities. The main reason employees became job seekers was because they realized they either lost passion for the job or the job changed and they were not passionate about the changes that took effect. Other reasons they started seeking new opportunities included not feeling challenged, not seeing eye-to-eye with management, and not feeling like they were valued as an employee.

Referral Staffing Solutions can help revamp your hiring process to try and avoid some of these costly mistakes.

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