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Without a doubt, I can say that Referral Staffing Solutions has been the best Staffing Agency I’ve worked with in my 12 years of HR experience.  They do a fantastic job of taking time and effort to learn your culture so they can stream line  their recruiting efforts to find your ideal employee.  This has helped with employee retention, and has a wonderful overall affect on all of our team members. – Jason


Referral Staffing Solutions is unlike any other staffing agency. Shobi and her team take the time to not only find a good fit for the company but also for the employee. Our company is fortunate to have found Referral Staffing Solutions!!!! – Amanda


Shobi goes out of her way to go the extra mile for her clients! – Rolan


I think one of the best decisions of my life was to ask Shobi and her staff for a job. At the time I was out of work and looking to get back into the workforce. I was placed in a job & she continues to make sure that I am happy with where I am. A lot of places don’t build relationships like that. I have even worked with her husband Matt. Two super cool positive people in my life that care about who I am and where I want to go in my life. I really appreciate everything they have done for me. – Scott


I love working with the staff at RSS! Seriously – Shobi, Sarah, and Gail know their stuff. I am starting to use them for payroll services and onboarding. They do so much more though and I hope that be able to use them for their staffing solutions in the near future!!! Great business and a great team! – Allison