Texting a Recruiter – Tips

Critical things to consider when texting a recruiter or staffing agency.

If you’re about to start your search for a new job you may wonder how you can use your texting skills to your advantage. Text message recruiting is on the rise; definitely use to contact a possible employer or staffing agency.


Is there such a thing as recruiter texting etiquette? Yes!

Keep these 5 tips in mind on how to text a recruiter.

1.    Spelling and grammar still count. – Before you press “send,” proofread for spelling or grammar errors.

  • Spell out all of your words, no abbreviations (leave your LOL and OMG at home), no acronyms.
  • Avoid emoticons; they are not appropriate for formal communication.

2.      Keep the text message professional in tone and content. – Keep your message brief, polite and to the point.

  • If you have a text “signature” that sends at the bottom of every text message, make sure it is work appropriate.
  • Before you hit send, double check that you’re sending the message to the right person. When you are carrying on several conversations at once, it’s easy to mix them up.

3.      Don’t use texting for all job search communication. – Detailed questions should be addressed via email or phone.

  • Texts do not replace human contact. Don’t overuse them and don’t use them as substitutes for conversations.

4.      Avoid sending bad news via text. – It’s always best to deliver bad news via phone or face-to-face.

  • This includes turning down an offered job or cancelling an interview.

5.      Track and save your text messages to avoid repeating yourself or asking the same questions over and over.

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