Today’s Job Market 2014 – Tips to look for a new position

Today’s job market – 2014 The marketplace is changing every day. From my experience over the past 7 years in staffing, the job market is changing from the employers market to the employees market. What does this mean? It means there are more opportunities for employees in today’s workforce. Pay is increasing and employees are more comfortable changing careers than they have been over the past several years. A job or career change can be nerve wracking but it can be incredible as well. If you are unhappy in your current role, it may be time to make a change. So, where does one look for new opportunities? Here are a few of my suggestions:

Post your resume on different job boards – You can create free accounts with many online hiring and recruiting sites such as:

Wisconsin Job Center:





Many of these sites allow you to post your resume as “private” so your employer will not see that you are seeking a new position. Many company recruiters and staffing services use these site to find active and passive job seekers to fill positions they have open. This can be a good option to find work you may not come across on your own.  

Create (or utilize and update) a LinkedIn account. A LinkedIn ( account can be great for networking and showcasing your experience. Ask co-workers, past or present supervisors or managers, clients, and more to recommend you on LinkedIn so new prospective employers and/or clients see your skills listed are truly as good as you say they are. Having a personal recommendation or two can help move you to the next step in your career. LinkedIn is a great place to network as well. Connect to people at a business you want to work at – Search LinkedIn job boards for openings. LinkedIn accounts can be created and maintained for free. Be sure to use a picture that depicts your “professional” side. LinkedIn is similar to Facebook but more geared towards business professionals so you will want to keep clean content on your page.  

Create email alerts with many of the job sites listed above – You can search for the types of jobs you are interested in and set an email alert so you are emailed anytime a position similar in nature is posted, you receive an email alert so you can apply if you feel it’s a good fit. (a little tip – recruiters and employers can set a similar search but for resumes posted so we are notified to contact you if your resume seems to be a fit for our jobs as well – Again, these resumes can stay confidential if you request that at the time you upload them).

Register with a good, honest staffing and recruiting firm to be considered for employment as well. There are many companies that may want to keep their job postings confidential or that hire only through agencies so registering with reputable hiring and staffing firms can also be beneficial. Be honest with your recruiter and let them know exactly what you are looking for so they can assist with finding a good fit for you. Many companies offer direct hire, try-before-hire, and temporary opportunities depending on your desired position and experience.

Don’t be afraid to explore today’s job market and find the right opportunity for you! If you have questions or comments, please contact me at for open and honest feedback.


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