Welcome Nkaoshoua to Referral Staffing Solutions!

Nkaoshoua (Ka-shoo-a) has lived in the La Crosse area since she was one. She has graduated from Logan High School. After years of customer services and collections, she decided to take on an opportunity with a staffing firm, where she fell in love with the industry. Unfortunately, the opportunity came to an end when the business she was working for closed but she knew staffing was want she wanted to do. She did not hesitate to react when she came upon an opportunity with Referral Staffing Solutions.

As the Lead Staffing Consultant, Nkaoshoua utilizes the knowledge she gained from her previous experience in the staffing industry. She ensures all offices are following federal and state guidelines as well as assisting in important decisions alongside her colleagues to continue in satisfying Referral Staffing Solutions clients and employees. She is beyond grateful to have the opportunity to work for a growing business right in her hometown.

Nkaoshoua Yang-Xiong can be reach at (608)790-9075 La Crosse office or via email nkaoshoua@referralstaffingsolutions.com.