Workplace Communication

Our clients – both employers and job seekers – are vetted to make sure they have the capacity to communicate and get on the same page.

Not everyone will work well for you as an employee or a boss.  Vetting future employees and employers is what we do best. This is a win for both the employee and employer. We interview all employee candidates before forwarding them on to the employer, ensuring that both parties are a good fit before they meet.

A future employee’s work history is essential, but so are their interpersonal skills. Companies that hire employees that know how to communicate appropriately; ensure a peaceful, cohesive, and profitable work environment.  You may be asking… what type of interpersonal skills should you be looking for and what are they?


The most important interpersonal skill in any job is communication.  This is not just the words coming out of your mouth, but the language you are sending by the tone of your voice, how you breathe when talking, your body language all tells a story your words may not, so make sure you are paying attention to not only the words being said in the interview, but also the non-verbal communication


Listening is a skill that goes hand in hand with good communication and seems like a given. Most of the time, we are not listening; we are looking to answer their question. While being eager to respond is important, but being an active listener is just as important

Conflict Management

Regardless if you are a manager or an employee, you will likely need to resolve conflicts at some point in your job.  Knowing how you and your future employee handle conflict is essential. You need to offer and receive constructive criticism; problem solve and have good conflict resolution skills.


Part of a good working staff is the ability of every employee to have and express empathy.  Is the company all about the bottom line? Are customer and employee’s needs addressed fairly and compassionately? The ability to listen thoughtfully to concerns and express compassion needs to be understood. Empathy is an essential skill that will help you get along with everyone in the workplace.


Regardless of your role in the company, the ability to show leadership is essential. You need to be able to motivate and encourage your teammates. They need to know that they can trust you to do the work.

Positive Attitude

Employers want to hire employees who make the office a brighter place, and employees want to work for a fun company. This means you need to network, find things in common, and be friendly.  

At Referral Staffing Solutions, it is our job to make sure that all of your needs are met regardless if you are the employer or the employee.