Zoom Interview Tips

COVID-19 has changed how we live our lives and now how we make a living. Employers are now looking for ways to interview potential employees while protecting current employees. More and more, they are doing interviews by phone and Zoom. The game has changed, and we wanted to give you a few tips for a successful Zoom interview.

  • Find a quiet space

Choose a place that is quiet and free of distractions, preferably where you can shut the door. Limit other noises by closing windows and turning off your music or the television.

  • Make sure there is enough light

Choose a room that has good lighting, so that the person interviewing you can see your facial expressions. Natural light is best, make sure that you are sitting with the window facing you. Placing the window behind you can create shadows on your face making it hard for the interviewer to see you.

  • Choose a professional background

When setting up your computer make sure that the area behind you is clean and free of clutter. This shows to the interviewer that you are organized and pay attention to details. When setting up your computer, choose an area that is tidy and free of clutter.

  • Communicate with your household

Make sure you the people you live with know that you have a job interview. Remind them before your meeting that they need to be quiet and not to disturb you.

  • Use a laptop or computer

While Zoom has a mobile app, a computer or laptop is better when doing a job interview. It creates a more stationary view without the worry of dropping the phone or appearing shaky to the interviewer.

  • Update your computer

Prior to your meeting make sure that your computer is updated and that you have the newest version of Zoom. By doing this in advance, you will ensure that your computer doesn’t fail during the interview

  • Practice using Zoom

If you are not familiar with Zoom, it is a good idea to practice using it before you have your interview. You can try all the features prior to your meeting with family and friends.

Tips During The Interview

  • Silence your phone

Make sure that your phone is on silent prior to your interview. You may want to leave it in another room so that if it does ring you will not be distracted.

  • Turn off notifications

Along with turning off your phone, you should also turn off any notifications on your computer.

  • Keep your screen clear

You may need to share your screen during the interview so make sure that you close any open programs. Closing all websites may also help your Zoom call load more efficiently.

  • Look into the camera while speaking

During an in-person interview, maintaining eye contact with your interviewer is a sign of confidence and respect. Look into the camera as you are speaking. This creates the illusion that you are looking at them rather than yourself or the screen.

  • Maintain your focus

When your interviewer is talking make sure to keep your focus on the screen. Just like in person interviews, you want to make sure they know that you are paying attention.

  • Wear professional attire

Dress exactly how you would during an in-person interview. This means you should wear your clean business clothing.

  • Use appropriate body language

Make sure that you are sitting up with your hands in your lap. Avoid fidgeting as this can be distracting.